All of my work is available for prints in various formats, sizes, and customization, all from the best photo printing service. You will find the option to "Buy" prints in each Gallery. Please contact me at if there is a photo you don't see on my site that you'd like to purchase or for additional printing options. Below are some of my suggestions for wall art.

Float-Frame Prints

These prints feature a narrow frame with a print mounted to appear to be floating in the frame, with a small gap. In my opinion, this is the best print display you can get.

8 x 12 float-frame print - $275

12 x 18 float-frame print - $375

16 x 24 float-frame print - $600

24 x 36 float-frame print - $1,000

Framed Prints

These prints are traditional framed prints with a mat around the photograph. There are a number of options to choose from for the frame format. Please email for more options.

8 x 12 framed print - $250

12 x 18 framed print - $350

16 x 24 framed print - $550

24 x 36 framed print - $900

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints will be stretched across a wood frame with a black or white border on the edges, so that the photograph itself won't be stretched.

5 x 7 canvas print - $175

8 x 12 canvas print - $200

12 x 18 canvas print - $275

16 x 24 canvas print - $500

24 x 36 canvas print - $750

Visit each Gallery to see more buying options for photos.

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