I am a dog, landscape, and wildlife photographer. I have a passion for showcasing dogs and their individual personalities and all the things their best human friends love about them. I’ve also photographed endangered species, landscapes, and human-centered places across North America, Africa, and Europe. My work and stories has been featured in the Boston Globe, Audubon, Grist, Arkive Project, Bold Nebraska, Prairie Fire Newspaper, and many other outlets.

With my landscape and wildlife photography, I aim to bear witness to our changing natural world and tell stories through visual art. When I first picked up a camera, a Nikon D80, my goal was to photograph one of the rarest creatures on the planet – the Salt Creek tiger beetle. This little beetle exists only in a few saline wetlands near Lincoln, Nebraska. The total population is in the hundreds and most people will never get to see one. A small group of scientists and nonprofits are working tirelessly to protect the saline wetlands habitat that are so critical to the species, and in so doing, they’re hoping to create unique natural open spaces near a city without many. I spent hours and hours in the mud of the salt marshes photographing the beetle, its habitat, and other insect species that shared the wetlands. You can see my favorite image of the beetle below. I share my photos of the Salt Creek tiger beetle as well as other animals, landscapes, and nature to show people how fragile, yet resilient our natural world is today.

I live near Seattle, Washington with my wife and our three dogs. Send me an email and I’d love to connect!

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Why I Am a Photographer

Photographers, at the fundamental level, simply carry around fancy contraptions with fancy lenses and capture what the camera “sees.” The true wonder of photography is the fact that anyone can carry one of these around and capture the world through a lens. This fact allows almost any story to be told: from the story of a favorite backyard tree to the geology of remote Antarctica.

Through my photography, I aim to be a storyteller of our natural beauty, extraordinary creatures, and human interactions with the natural world. I am a photographer on the side of a 9-5 job, but I hope to tell photographic stories that inspire, invoke awe, and make you the viewer want to get out into nature.

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